EyeSee optimizes marketing communication effectiveness with affordable and fast eye tracking and facial coding insights. Obtain intelligence about how your customers are looking and feeling, and:

Maximize impact

Will your campaign work? Test you campaign before you spend your budget, and maximize your ROI.

Choose the best design

Which design is best? Get insights to take better informed decisions and understand the implications of each design.

Convince others

Obtain objective data to convince others with facts and decrease subjective discussions.

How we do it

Scalable and cost effective neuromarketing methodologies + quant survey


Eye tracking

Look through the eyes of your customers: Will they notice your campaign, product POS?

Eye tracking


Facial coding

Understand which emotions can be evoked by your TV commercial, radio, and other ad spots.

Facial coding


Conventional quant

Gain additional feedback about what your target (dis)likes and what is not clear, or credible, about your communication.

Conventional quant

How it works

Online with standard laptop and webcam at home


Step 1

Research design

Send your stimuli, objective and target group and our research manager will help you to define your research design and create the survey.


Step 2

Data collection

We send the survey to respondents at home and track their eyes and facial expressions with their webcam. Afterwards, respondents fill out a questionnaire.


Step 3

Reporting phase

We collect responses, process the data, analyze and create a report with main recommendations, findings, heat-maps, and AoI.


Step 4

Final result

In 7 days’ time, we present our final report to you. The report consists of our insights & KPIs backed by the corresponding data.

Key benefits

Our unique service


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